Converting 62% traffic to through ONE unique partnership across 9 countries within 5 days.



Strengthening AirAsia’s 14 years brand presence among neighboring strong-growing low-cost carriers by penetrating multiple markets with a singular approach.



Working with TLC channel was perfect in 3 ways to to entice travelers in visiting ASEAN countries via AirAsia:

1. Reaching millions in a short time frame

2. Customizing content that are rich and diverse

3. Never been done by an airline company before



In just 5 episodes of 2 hours, influential TLC hosts delivers in-depth focus on all ASEAN countries’ rich and diverse culture of food and lifestyle, something unique to TLC channel. AirAsia capitalized on this to shout out they are ASEAN, not just Malaysia.



This partnership manages to convert traffic in across 9 countries to 62% and ROI of 12x with less than RM 100K, brand experience were also improved.