KUALA LUMPUR, 14 June 2022 – Malaysia’s leading content and entertainment company, Astro Malaysia Holdings Bhd (“Astro”) is leading the way in innovative TV Advertising with its new Addressable Advertising service, the first in Southeast Asia. Ushering in digital-style targeting on TV by leveraging Astro’s first-party data, advertisers and brands will be able to showcase different advertisements to different households who are watching the same programme.

Henry Tan, Group Chief Executive Officer of Astro said: “As part of our transformation plan to deliver an all-new Astro experience, we are reinventing our advertising proposition to make it attractive for marketers in an increasingly digital-dominated advertising world. We are excited to usher in Astro Addressable Advertising, the next-level TV Advertising that merges the best of TV’s emotional persuasive power with smart data presenting new opportunities for marketers by creating a better, more personal TV experience.”

To reach the right consumers and capture their attention against a vast landscape of evolving media, as consumption habits become increasingly sophisticated, Astro Addressable Advertising combines the unparalleled scale of attention and emotional engagement of TV with precise targeting and advanced campaign measurement focusing on the audience, delivered at scale in a premium brand-safe environment.

Shafiq Abdul Jabbar, Group Chief Financial Officer of Astro, who also oversees Data and Advertising for the group said, “We are excited to see the combination of quality and reach of TV with Astro’s rich first party data being used to build the ideal audience segments based on income, location, dwelling type and purchasing behaviour, thus creating a highly relevant context for advertisers and personalised ads for viewers. With the increased targeting capabilities of data-driven TV, Astro Addressable Advertising can scale to suit various industries and business sizes, and for the first time, made it possible for small local enterprises (SMEs) to access TV inventory.”

With this flexible and effective service, advertisers have a data-driven targeting and measurement capability to boost ad performance through audience data expansion, giving brands the opportunity to access a richer set of audience descriptors, based on first party data. Meanwhile, viewers enjoy a more personalised and relevant experience as they see ads that reflect their local community and profile.

Astro’s platform-agnostic strategy generates a rich and holistic view of its customers’ video consumption habits across Linear TV, Video-on-Demand and Astro GO.

  • On Linear TV, Astro has a viewership share of 72%, with average daily viewers of 11.3mn and average daily time spent of 187 minutes
  • On Video-On-Demand, videos streamed on its connected boxes jumped 2.4 times y-o-y to 530mn while average weekly viewing time increased by 17% y-o-y to 693 minutes
  • On Astro GO, its monthly active users is at 919K while average weekly viewing time increased by 27% y-o-y to 244 minutes

Astro Addressable Advertising service has been rolled out across Video On Demand on Astro GO and Ultra and Ulti Boxes since November 2021; with Linear addressable launching in stages this June 2022 to reach high value audience of Astro households.

Among the big and emerging brands which were early adopters of Astro Addressable Advertising, some have reported a notable improvement of brand consideration as high as 40% and high brand awareness with strong user conversion ratio at 67%. For more information, please contact Astro Media Solutions at [email protected].