A brand new channel – Astro Premier (CH. 410) is the destination for all premium content locally and regionally.

A new home to Astro’s full catalogue of premium originals, Astro Premier kicks off with the latest Astro Originals title, ‘Riot!’. The series follows four university students exposing the sexual misconducts of a respected professor.

Oher than ‘Riot!’, there will be more Astro Originals titles set to premiere on this new channel, including:

  • Gamers Mangkuk: A story of five underdog gamers eyeing an opportunity to play with a professional team by winning a competition organised by a famed eSports athlete.
  • Framed: A story of a part time journalist, Lia who discovers her late mother’s polaroid camera that prints pictures of future tragedies.
  • ID: This series delves into the challenges of falling in love when everything is fake but true self-perseverance is all one need to come out on top in this volatile world.
  • X-Change: A story of a son who is forced to take over his family business his family business – robbing gold stores – after his father’s demise.

Also featuring on Astro Premier are the Chinese Astro Originals series including ‘The Patient’ and ‘Lost & Found’, as well as Indian series entitled ‘Kalvanai Kandu Pidi’, a Vinmeen Exclusive.

Astro Premier is also delivering regional premium content, with seven Viu Original titles acquired. These include the dark fantasy hit ‘Nenek Bongkok Tiga’, the Tagalog adaptation of ‘Flower of Evil’, the Indonesian adaptations of popular titles ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and ‘Bad Boys vs Crazy Girls’. Rounding off the list are ‘Alter-Naratif’, ‘Return Man’ and ‘Devoted’.

How does this channel benefit your brand?

1. Fresh New Titles: Produced locally and regionally, these original series bring fresh content that keeps the audience hooked and a blend of genres catering to different viewers, ensuring your brand’s visibility across a vast audience.

2. Prime Time slot with content extended to OD, Astro GO and sooka: Elevate your brand’s presence with our popular content scheduled strategically during peak viewing hours and extended to OD, Astro GO and sooka, reaching more viewers.

3. Original, exclusive content from Astro Originals: Connect with Malaysians on a personal and emotional level with our star-studded and cultural relatable content from Astro Originals series.

4. Top Celebrities mixed with Upcoming Fresh Faces: Harness the power of well-known, upcoming stars who start as key casts in our local premium content, drawing audience to watch these exciting genres.

Channel: Astro Premier (CH. 410), Astro GO, OD and sooka.

Pricing Category: x8