Starting from 8 November 2023, Astro has launched 5 new Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television (FAST) channels with no additional costs on sooka. Supported by advertising, FAST channels provide viewers a TV-like viewing experience, except that they are free and easily accessible through streaming devices.

On top of the mix of Sports, Korean entertainment, Outdoor adventures and more, the latest channels introduced are created by Astro, providing streaming viewers with a more delightful blend of genres, including dramas, comedies, and Astro’s in-house content, to help captivate the hearts of your potential customers!  

The five FAST channel genres include:

  • Drama Hebat: Indulge in a handpicked selection of hit Malay dramas, meticulously curated for our dedicated drama lovers. Our collection promises an enriching journey into the world of Malay storytelling.
  • Filem Mantap: Explore a curated collection of local telemovies spanning every genre imaginable. Non-stop entertainment that caters to every mood.
  • Lawak Sentral: Ultimate destination for laughter and light-hearted entertainment. From classic humour to the fresh contemporary, celebrate the best of endless entertainment for everyone. Get your daily dose of joy that’s guaranteed to brighten your day.
  • Drama Hotpot: Focusing on popular library drama of Chinese costume, fantasy and modern drama from China.
  • Food & Travelogue: Curation of mouth-watering food journeys as we traverse the world’s most captivating destinations, bringing a seamless blend of travelogue and cooking expertise to screens.

 How does this benefit your brand?

1. Leverage on the power of Astro’s own FAST channels: Capitalise on our original IPs and strong lineup that have a well-established streaming audience base. And not to mention, it’s free!  

2. Reach younger Malaynnials: FAST channels are accessible and free, which makes them appealing to cord cutters and young, cost-conscious individuals who embrace a mobile-first lifestyle. This is a great avenue for your brand to connect with Malaynnials more efficiently.  

3. Growing FAST viewership: According to the Amagi Global FAST Report Edition #9 (October 2023), FAST is thriving in the APAC region, with an exponential YoY growth of 181% in Hours of Viewing (HOV). This is an unmissable opportunity for brands and advertisers to reach the growing audience of FAST channels and grab their attention for maximised brand awareness.

Branding Opportunities:

  • Pre-roll video ad appears before a FAST channel video content plays.
  • Mid-roll video ad appears during a FAST channel video content ad break (after watching 10-15 mins).
    • *Note: There’s a limitation on the mid-roll video ad which is non-clickable.