• Create awareness of Aurawhite brand and create differentiation between two brands to its target audience.



  • Partnered with Astro TV, strategically sponsor Duo Star. Aurawhite target audience. (Malay audience)
  • Aurawhite communicated wholesomeness and family values as the duo (husband and wife) work together as a team to build the brand.
  • Communicate the message of “Two is Better than One”, inline with Duo Star’s concept.
  • Ambassador appearance – hLive, CCTV, MeleTOP
  • 500 branded promo on Ria, Prima, Citra, Warna & Mustika
  • Digital – Astro Gempak
  • Social conversation – FB, Twitter, Instagram (#DuoStar, #DuaStarBattle)



  • Pilot season – Duo Star garnered 6.2 million viewers in 7 weeks.
  • 11% higher compared to another singing reality show.
  • 1.6 million budget, 9.2x ROI.