The Ayam Goreng McD had a very successful campaign in mid-2017. However, the challenge faces was how to ensure Ayam Goreng McD as the preferred choice for year-end occasions such as gatherings, reunions and parties. 



Astro leveraged on the humour and comedic approach by using Malaysia’s well-known laughter generators ‘Sepahtu’ to create different yet relatable consumption occasions to show Malaysians can all share Ayam Goreng McD together. This was demonstrated in two forms of execution:

  • Branded capsules depicting different occasions- reunions/reconciliations/celebration/parties.
  • Integrating Ayam Goreng McD in the Sepahtu Reunion LIVE show.  



Client Sales 

During the campaign, McDonald’s staked first position. an increase in market share was also observed as McDonald’s sales increased by 59% versus base after the campaign. 

Media Deliveries

Sepahtu Reunion Capsule: garnered 4.6 million viewers. 

Within a short period of time, McDonald’s was able to achieve maximum impact with target audience of Malay consumers while cementing the association of consumption of Ayam Goreng McD with year end gatherings.