As the backbone of Malaysian economy, SMEs not only contribute to creating employment, but also they represent the engine of economic growth and innovation. Yet, the journey from startup to success can be daunting and entrepreneurs continue to face a myriad of obstacles that can hinder their progress.

To help young startups address the pain points in their entrepreneurial process, our upcoming business reality show is bringing them to China for a cross-cultural learning experience!

Young entrepreneurs from Malaysian will be learning from industry experts, conducting on-site visits and experience the daily operations of fellow enterprises in Hangzhou, China. Throughout this trip, they may find solutions to the challenges they encounter in their own startup journey. 

How does this benefit your brand?

1. Global Perspective: Commemorating 50 years of diplomatic ties between Malaysia and China, the TV programme heads to the cyber hub of Hangzhou. Viewers are transported across continents to gain a global perspective in the business landscape, gleaning insights from businesses and industry experts in China.

2. Action-Packed Episodes, Inspiring Stories & Experts’ Advice: Whether it’s success stories or insights from real-life entrepreneurs, each episode delivers valuable takeaways packed with excitement and drama, captivating the attention of aspiring entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts.

3. Targeted reach to SMEs owners: Reach a highly engaged audience of SME owners and entrepreneurs who are actively seeking for knowledge to fuel their business growth. This TV programme creates an opportunity for you to engage with this specific audience base on a deeper level, driving brand affinity and trust.

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Channel: Astro AEC (CH. 306)
Date & Time: 22 Sep – 27 Oct 2024 | Every Sunday, 11pm
Genre: Business Reality Show
Pricing Category: x9