LEGOLAND® is well-known among Malaysians but many have not visited it. LEGOLAND wanted to showcase the offerings & create excitement to draw domestic footfall especially Malays because seeing is believing.


Teaming up with Astro, the “King of Reality” brought LEGOLAND into Malaysian homes. The big idea “Bricks Come To Life on TV” was conceptualized through reality game show, Famili LEGOLAND.

Every challenge was customized to showcase the attractions in LEGOLAND with elements of surprise. Ordinary families as participants added authenticity while celebrity host Awal & Sherry attracted more followers.

To target Malay families, Famili LEGOLAND was first aired on Astro Ria, followed by Astro Ceria.

Highlights of Famili LEGOLAND on Astro Gempak, Malaysia’s No.1 entertainment portal, offered a broad content ecosystem to strengthen the campaign reach.


  • Web traffic grew as high as 92% during the first airing on Astro Ria, and another 46% increase during the rerun on Astro Ceria. 
  • Sales conversion from web grew 9.48% and 6.72% in Oct and Nov 2017 respectively when Famili LEGOLAND as aired. 
  • Astro TV: Reached 9.4 million viewers, which covers 63% target audience of LEGOLAND.
  • Facebook: Garnered over 2.5 million reach
  • Instagram: More than 17,000 views.