The Malay adaptation of the global international hit game show, Family Feud Malaysia is back for season 2! Contestants from two competing teams are challenged to name the most popular answer to survey questions in order to stand a chance at winning cash prize of RM5,000.

To kick off the competition, the Team Leads of both teams will compete at the podium to answer the first question. Only the fastest contestant to press the buzzer will have the chance to answer. If the answer is the No. 1 answer from the survey responses, the team can continue to guess subsequent answers.

If it’s not the most popular answer, the opponent team will be given the chance to guess an answer that’s higher up on the list. The team earning the highest marks will proceed to the fast money round for a chance to take home the cash prize!

How does the benefit your brand?

1. Popular local celebrity host: Nabil Ahmad, Malaysian’s favourite celebrity host, is also returning to host this season! The winner of the Best Entertainment Presenter award at the Asian Academy Creative Awards (AAA) 2018, you can trust his outstanding ability and signature wit to bring fun and laughter to the show.

2. Brand Integration: A family-friendly game show FOR EVERYONE – Ample brand integration opportunities are available, including product placements and sponsored segments, to ensure that your brand can be seen by viewers from all walks of life.

Branding Opportunities


  • Opening & Closing Credits
  • TVC Inside Programme
  • Slide Breakers in Out
  • Lower Third Banner
  • End Credit Logo
  • Product Integration / Placement
  • Segment Sponsorship
  • Branded Promo


  • Social Media Postings

Channel: Astro Ria | CH. 104
Date & Time: 6 May 2024 – 28 January 2025 | Every Mondays to Wednesdays, 7:00pm
Duration: 30 mins / episode
Genre: Game Show
Pricing Category: x13