The Challenge

Malaysia’s homegrown milk brand and the ultimate underdog, Farm Fresh rose above its humble beginnings and went on to conquer 45% share of Malaysia’s fresh milk market, producing 19 million litres of raw milk annually. As their business grew, the stronger their value chain became and the larger their capacity to distribute their products to every corner of Malaysia. This led to the need to promote the product on a larger scale.

Farm Fresh’s objectives were to increase awareness of its brand promise and product range and build brand love attributing to consumer trust and loyalty towards the brand.

Our challenge was to create desirability and love for the brand while growing demand through continuous education and brand awareness amplified through Astro’s wide media network and content platforms.


The Solution

Malaysian consumers had low awareness of Farm Fresh’s brand promise and were unable to differentiate between the actual ‘freshness’ of Farm Fresh’s fresh milk versus other brands. To set the record straight, the brand looked to Astro for high reach tapping into Astro’s biggest and most loved shows, Gegar Vaganza.

The programme’s wide reach illustrates Astro’s ability to leverage on one of its biggest IPs for content marketing.

  • Branded talk sets on Gegar Vaganza Live+
  • Strategic product placement on judges’ tables and shout outs to the brand during the show’s live broadcast.
  • The ‘Fresh Start’ campaign was also created by leveraging on audience’s captive interests and addressed 2 key messages:
  1. Brand Promise of Fresh Milk in 48 hours 
  • Special episodes on Gegar Vaganza showed contestants visiting the Holstein Farm with hands-on experience of dairy farming operations while educating them on how fresh milk is processed and delivered across Malaysia within 48 hours. 
  • Farm Fresh was incorporated via weekly episodic triggers with behind-the-scenes of contestants engaging with the brand by taste-testing Fresh Farm’s products. 
  1. Building Brand Love by Empowering Communities
  • Introduced ‘Kongsi Rezeki’ segment on Gegar Vaganza, awarding RM10,000 to struggling artists and empowering them to get a fresh start. This helped win over the hearts of rural markets.
  • Picnic in the Farm: Gathered the biggest stars from Gegar Vaganza for a Year End Concert in the Holstein Farm, inviting stockists and dealers as a sign of appreciation for their continued support.



  • Reached 7.5 million TV viewers leveraging on the strong audience base of Gegar Vaganza
  • Garnered 50 million digital views on Gempak
  • Farm Fresh achieved a 20% – 25% jump in sales from Sept – Dec 2019
  • ‘Picnic in the Farm’ concert won the hearts of over 600+ dealers
  • Farm Fresh’s efforts to empower generated thousands of positive social media reactions


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