An exclusive collaboration between TikTok and Astro, this global virtual singing competition is going on TV!

Hosted entirely on TikTok LIVE, Gimme The Mic MY is a virtual talent show that invites aspiring music creators to showcase their talents on a global platform and engage with audiences real-time. For the first time in Malaysia, this upcoming edition is bringing the main talent show on Astro Ria.

The audition commences on TikTok LIVE from 7 May – 24 May 2024, inviting all Malaysians who are above 18 years old to submit their 10-minute singing videos with the hashtag #GimmeTheMicMY.

After multiple rounds of elimination, only the Top 30 contestants will be selected to compete on the main show on TV, bringing a unique blend of digital innovation and entertainment to a broader audience.

How does ‘TikTok LIVE Gimme The Mic’ benefit your brand? 

1. Astro and TikTok First Ever Collaboration: Extending virtual stardom to TV fame, Gimme The Mic gains access to the unparalleled persuasive power of TV. Amplify your brand’s impact beyond Gen Z audience to reach broader and more diverse audiences.

2. Multi Screens + Creative Innovation: Leveraging on the synergy between TV and digital, this multi-screen approach enables your brand to amplify engagement and foster deep connection with the audience, driving innovation in storytelling and content creation.

3. Community-Driven Brand Trust: The trust and authenticity inherent in TikTok’s user-generated content offers an attractive opportunity for your brand to cultivate a positive halo likeability around the brand, driving long-term brand loyalty and consumer engagement.

4. Incorporating Brand Messages into Live Sets: Power up your brand’s exposure with plenty of integration opportunities on the live set, from contestants’ waiting area to juries tables, and draw upon Astro’s 360° transmedia ecosystem for wider reach. 

Branding Opportunities


  • Brand integration opportunities on dedicated MeleTOP sponsor segment
  • Opening & Closing Credits
  • Breaker In Out
  • TVC spots inside programme
  • TVC spots after capsule
  • Logo Loop on rotation basis at Judges Area
  • Product placement / integration on Judges’ table
  • POSM branded items exposure inside hall/backstage
  • Credit mention
  • Lower Third Banner
  • End Credit logo
  • Branded Promo

On Digital


  • Branding in Branded Frame (multi-guest frame)
  • Branding/Product Placement in the backdrop on multi-guest frame (host screen only)
  • Sponsor’s logo featured on promo video/highlights


  • Facebook Posting
  • Instagram Post (One Image/Video/Reels – Up to 60 Sec)
  • TikTok Post


  • Product Placement
  • Host Mention
  • Dedicated Segment
  • Lower Third (3s)
  • Logo Bug (Top Left Live+ Screen)
  • Set Branding
  • Main Page Branding Logo
  • TikTok Live
  • TikTok Post Live


  • Facebook Posting
  • Instagram Post (One Image/Video/Reels – Up to 60 Sec)
  • Instagram Story
  • TikTok Post


  • Facebook Posting
  • Instagram Post (One Image/Video/Reels – Up to 60 Sec)
  • Instagram Story


  • Branded Article
  • Facebook Post


  • Pre/Mid-roll Ad (15s) Non-Skippable
  • Leaderboard
  • Facebook Post
  • Instagram Post

Astro Addressable Advertising

  • Precise Audience Targeting

Radio (ERA Pen.) 

  • Recorded Promo
  • Live Liner
  • Facebook Post

PR & Marketing Exposures

Online Audition
Date: 10 June – 21 June 2024 

TV Live Show
Channel: Astro Ria (CH.104) *Episode 1 simulcast on Astro Prima
Date & Time: 21 July – 8 September 2024 | Every Sunday, 9:00pm
Total Episodes: 8 Epi
Genre: Music Talent Competition (Live)
Pricing Category: x18