Breaking through the CNY clutter using unconventional methods to win Chinese’s hearts.



To find a way to break through and engage with the Chinese on their CNY promotional campaign.



Chinese becomes very passionate about Feng Shui during CNY. Feng Shui doesn’t promise miracles or immediate change. It fosters the practice of achieving a smooth sailing life and ultimately making things happen. It is with this understanding that we shape the campaign on the promise that personal care and health practices can pave the way for a smooth sailing life, ultimately making things happen.



Watsons sponsored the yearly CNY program “Feng Shui Voyage” aired in Astro WLT, hosted by 2 famous and influential personalities: Joey Yap – Feng Shui Grandmaster &   Chui Ling – Celebrity TV host. Joey Yap offers solutions from the perspective of Feng Shui & face reading. Beauty and personal care practices are casually scripted in during the conversation, hence linking concept and content to the brand. Series spinoff videos shows Chui Ling encouraging taking good care for a smooth sailing year. In-store activities were made consistent with the notion of “smooth sailing and beautiful new year” with products inspired by the show displayed at prominent areas in every store.



This unconventional execution led to rave reviews by the Chinese. Highest points accrued amongst the Chinese in 2 years by 20% increased on membership signed up as well as 13% sales higher than previous year.