Sharing the Essence of Little Joys in Life


With new emerging brands entering the drug pharma channel, the challenge for Herbal Essences was to compete in a highly fragmented category.

Despite being a heritage brand known for its natural sensorial proposition, the brand registered a low brand awareness amongst Malay Millennials. The challenge was to stand out from the clutter and encourage brand purchase, induce trial and increase brand engagement.



The campaign featured REAL conversations, AUTHENTIC reactions and PURE, UNADULTERATED Joy with stories of personal reflections by celebrating the little things in life most often taken for granted.

  • Visual – Product displays exposed the brand’s beautiful packaging helping team members draw joy and inspiration by creating limited edition merchandises such as T-shirts & tote bags designed with Herbal Essences colours. The merchandises became much sought after among fans, to the extent of following the Thinker Studio team to every roadshow across 4 locations nationwide just to get the T-shirts and tote bags during their product giveaway sessions.
  • Application – Product usage testimonials demonstrated the brand’s superior efficacy and positive effects on their haircare regime. Promo code discounts given to online viewers during each episode, helped induced trial and purchase.
  • Senses – Triggered by a sensorial experience after using Herbal Essences, the team was driven to spread the joy to others by inviting friends to enjoy a special Herbal Essences hair wash.


The brand reached high awareness among the intended audience with a rise in social conversation among Millennials.

  • Overall reach: Males at 42% and Females at 58% aged between 18 to 24 years old and Males at 53% and Females at 47%, aged 25 to 34 years old. 
  • More than 1.4 million organic views.
  • Doubled its growth vs a year ago with its market share soaring by +20% post campaign.
  • Fastest growing brand in this exploding channel exceeding expectations by +50%.