Prenatal market has been declining in the last few years and Anmum Materna faced the challenge of turning the category to drive relevancy to a new generation who rely heavily on digital as their go to source of information.



Astro leveraged on its massive talent pool and Jihan Muse, popular TV host and comedian was identified to be the most role model.

Astro digital content distribution such as MeleTOP and eBu YouTube provide ideal to carry the brand message.

An unscripted vlog content documenting highlights of Jihan and her husband with Anmum Materna’s brand integration see through important moments.



Client Sales:

  • Market Share: increase from 64.1% to 65.7% compared to same period previous year (Jan to Mar 2018)

Media Deliveries:

  • Digital platform recorded high viewership numbers.
  • Hi Mummy Jihan vlog: 3.1 million views average of 300,000 views per episode
  • 8 episode with Anmum Materna integration: 550,000 viewers, 2.3 million reach!
  • eBu YouTube: 6.6 million reach, avg 100,000 users daily
  • Branded Advertorial: Astro Gempak, 2.3 million viewers
  • TV: 10.55pm timeslot recorded 2 mil ration for 3 min slot.