Although South Korea is a popular destination amongst Malaysians, Seoul Metropolitan Government wanted to push more promotional efforts to attract Malaysians visiting Seoul by doubling its visitors from previous years.



With extensive channel support and creative expertise, ASTRO curated a unique 360 experience bringing Seoul to Malaysia across multichannel networks on air, on-ground and online.

Leveraging on the Kpop madness, ASTRO organised the first ever free K-Pop concert dubbed I.Seoul.U Concert (after Seoul’s new slogan), brought together K-Pop stars and local acts performing together on stage.

As part of the promotion campaign, a Seoul roadshow was organised in Pavilion Mall, KL to showcase Halal Food around Seoul to entice more Malaysian Muslim travellers.



  • The entire campaign received tremendous exposure! The I-SEOUL-U concert alone generated massive interest from the public and surpassed the estimated audience attendance of 7,000 to more than 10,000!