A branded reality docu-drama igniting Malaysians’ hearts with MILO’s Juara Takkan Gentar.



Milo wanted to reclaim its iconic status in sports to reverse the dwindling market share and sales.



To ignite the hearts of Malaysians and renew their love for MILO,  a brand belief was created ‘Sports is a great teacher’ with MILO as the energy drink to fuel.



1. A partnership with Astro radio in the segment #HitERA.

2. A strategic digital plan to drive continuous conversation of never give up spirit.

3. Radio DJs engaged audience with their own #nevergiveup stories and motivational song.



Achieved 82% purchase intent amongst adults, MILO’s market share increased from 86.6 (Jun) to 88 (Oct) and average monthly sales increased by RM2.5 mil.