Due to Covid-19, the Movement Control Order began on 18 March and completely turned society upside down. Malaysians were forced to stay home and abide by the new rules.

Etika saw this huge challenge as an opportunity for one of their brands, Wonda Coffee. Their main objective was to increase its presence at home, promote the usage of its partners’ delivery services and encourage product purchase via e-Commerce platforms.


Following the rapid change of media consumption habits and how the #stayhome Malaysians are constantly craving for new entertainment, we broke social limitations with Etika to produce Malaysia’s first ever concert at home for 8 consecutive nights via Astro’s No.1 channel – ASTRO RIA.  

  • Celebrity power:

 Aizat Amdam, Syamel, Haqeim Rusli, Zizi Kirana, Akim, Stacy & Noh Salleh were handpicked to create a 30-min programme singing their original or cover songs.

  • Breaking social limitations with pure and relevant content:

 Celebs shared their genuine thoughts on MCO and how it impacted their lives, while encouraging Malaysians to stay at home. They also shared tips on how to keep active during this period.

  • Daily challenges – a user generated campaign:

We know people were eagerly sharing their own activities at home during MCO. We constructed a list of challenges to be thrown on daily basis on’s IGTV, and the most interesting ideas stood a chance to win prizes worth of RM14,000 in total.

  • Active promotions:

 As an added treat, promotions were done widely across ASTRO’s platforms such as on ERA FM, ERA’s Instagram mentions in H! Live and MeleTOP, as well as promoted by the celebs on their Instagram and Siakap Keli.



Created brand awareness and attracted big audiences on TV:

  • 5.4M Malays tuned into the promo;
  • 1.86M Malays watched the programme on Astro Ria;
  • The campaign became the 1 MCO initiated TV content on Astro and broke into the top 10 programmes within the timebelt across all Astro channels.

 Massive digital exposure:

  • Reached 2.84M PEOPLE on Facebook and Instagram
  • Achieved 4M IMPRESSIONS across 6 days
  • Facebook provided highest reach with 90% of all impressions (54M impressions)
  • 14,743 CLICKS were driven to the campaign page over a 6-day period