With the ability to evoke emotions and tell compelling stories, dramas hold immense potential for advertisers seeking to connect with their audience on a deeper level. Our locally produced dramas, whether it’s romance or thriller, are carefully designed to be highly relatable to Malaysian audiences, reaching millions of viewers across the nation, amassing a unique fandom of followers and creating conversations on social media.

Specially curated to maximise opportunities within our top Malay drama belts, our M-Booster Drama Domination package is here to offer brands with ultimate product placement opportunities – across 3 Malay drama titles. Extending the power of drama integration beyond sponsorship opportunities, our M-Booster package creatively and seamlessly integrate your products within the dramas’ narrative to boost your brand’s exposure and leave lasting impressions.

How does this benefit your brand?

1. Enhanced visibility with lower investment: Our M-Booster package is thoughtfully tailored for brands looking to boost their brand exposure via our dramas without the need for direct drama sponsorship.

2. Seamless integrations and impact: Through the expertise of our directors and producers, your products will be creatively positioned and weaved into our dramas’ narrative in a natural manner.

3. Reach audiences across 3 drama belts: Enjoy longer brand exposure across our Malay drama belts – MegaDrama, DramaVaganza & Tiara that are catered to audiences with different tastes.


Branding Opportunities 


  • 2 mins Product Placement on MegaDrama
  • 2 mins Product Placement on DramaVaganza
  • 2 mins Product Placement on Tiara
  • TVC Spots


  • Social Media Posting

Astro Addresssable Advertising

  • Precise Audience Targeting

Channel: Astro Ria | CH. 104
Date & Time:

MegaDrama | Every Monday to Thursday, 10pm – 11pm
DramaVaganza | Every Wednesday – Thursday, 9pm – 10pm
Tiara | Every Monday – Friday, 6pm – 7pm