Malays were the key consumer market for female whitening lotion category with 57% share. NIVEA, which was stronger in Chinese, wanted to appeal more to Malay to increase their category share. NIVEA wanted to reinforce its new NIVEA Extra White proposition message of “Light Up Skin from Deep Within, For Radiance Beyond Fairness”, which stress on real confidence only comes through self-acceptance. 



Astro understood, to engage the Malays, we needed to speak in their nuance. Research showed that Malay women loved dramas & followed celebrities on social media. Many of them crazed for Korean dramas too. Celebrities’ reviews, recommendations had proven to influence buying patterns. To win Malay women’s hearts, Astro created a strategy to integrating NIVEA into lives of top Malay celebrities, activated by My Coffee Prince, Malaysia’s first local adaption of famous K-drama.



The campaign successfully impacted Vaseline’s dominant share in Malay. 

  • NIVEA sales almost doubled (+75%) Retailer T.
  • The campaign turned NIVEA business around for Retailer T from -9.9% (January – October’17) to +2.6% (January – December’17) in just 2 months. 
  • My Coffee Prince garnered more than 7.2 million TV viewers, reached out to over 75% of Malay female audience.
  • Topped the weekly TV chart with 1.75 million average rating. 
  • Astro Gempak: 38 million average weekly social media reach with 6.2 million views across Astro Gempak platforms.