Panasonic needed to build affinity with urban women, as they were essential buyers & users for its Beauty, Cooking & Home appliances. To stay ahead of competition, Panasonic needed a unified communication platform to showcase the 3 key product pillars.



3 segments were identified based on each female interest (beauties, foodies & home lovers), which the pillars were targeting. Riding on Astro’s strong affinity with women, we launched ‘Panasonic Loves Women’ campaign alongside the 3 international channels branding on Astro.

TLC, DIVA & Life Inspired (LiTV)



  • Panasonic sales shot up & scored 104% versus planned.
  • Campaign reached close to 3 million urban females on Astro, representing 50% females with household income above RM5,000.
  • More than 993,000 impressions drawn by TV & digital promotions, and recorded 129,000 social interactions.