Generated strong WOM, interest was renewed and exceeded sales target!

A car launch made extraordinary through an integration with Astro NO.1 TV comedy show “LIVE from the streets!”



Launched Perodua Alza in 5 weeks with RM500K, and create interest to buy the “not so new” car.


Rode on nation’s #1 Live Comedy TV program to maximize reach, as 92% of consumers believe recommendations from others over advertising.



Brought MLM Live and its laughter onto the streets in front of One Utama to engage with over 1 mil TV viewers. 8 teams competed live to be the funniest Alza salesman and walked away with brand new car.



Witnessed live by 20K fans (uninvited), on top of 1.5 mil connected TV viewers. Alza hit Top 10 in Google Trends. Sales target overachieved by 38%!