• To create an emotional communication base that would appeal to young audience
  • Win the hearts of Malay Millennial (Malaynnials)
  • Transform VITAGEN into a refreshing brand that is relevant



  • A partnership with Malaysia’s No.1 reality TV show, Akademi Fantasia that has excellent track record
  • Nature of AF programme fitted to VITAGEN’s message of “Change from Within”
  • Unique brand experience set to transform contestants from within to boost their health and help manage stress from stardom
  • Content Amplification – TV: Ria, Ria HD ; Digital: Astro Gempak
  • VITAGEN Transformasi Theme Song – Create theme song with message and lyrics to encourage viewers
    • Integration of VITAGEN being a healthy for the gut 
  • Vitagen Fitness Couch – Coach Cem well known fitness consultant trained contestants
    • Communicates VITAGEN’s brand position



  • Garnered an average of 2.2 million viewership
  • Sales of VITAGEN grew by 5%
  • 8.2 million digital engagement (likes, shares, comments)