The 17th edition of the UEFA European Championship (UEFA EURO 2024) will take its stage in Germany from 14 June to 14 July 2024. This will also be the first time Germany has staged the UEFA European Championship since reunification.

There are 24 countries embarking on the quest to be crowned as the UEFA EURO 2024 Champion. With exclusive territory feed to Malaysia, devoted football fans across the nation will be hooked to the screens throughout the season, watching the sports action across 51 LIVE matches.

How does this benefit your brand?

1. Biggest European Football Event: UEFA EURO 2020 successfully attracted 35.9M views on Stadium Astro YouTube with its related content and reached 11.9M impressions with more than 188K engagements on social media. This upcoming season will be a prime opportunity for brands gain heightened awareness with a massive audience reach.

  • Reaching more than 8.5M total viewers on linear and 3M on Astro GO.
  • 1.5M viewers are glued to the screens during UEFA EURO 2020 final match between Italy and England.

2. Well-rounded 360° platforms throughout the season: Maximise brand exposure and impact with varieties of supporting shows leading up and throughout the matches across multiple platforms to engage with consumers across different touchpoints (TV, OTT, Radio and Digital).


Branding Opportunities


  • Opening & Closing Credits
  • TVC Inside Programme
  • Bumper
  • Lower Third Banner
  • Promo with Client’s Tag On
  • Spot Buy


  • Recorded Promo
  • Match Prediction / Match Highlights


  • Stadium Astro Brand Integration
  • SPOTV Social Media
  • Astro Arena YouTube

Astro Addressable Advertising

  • Precise Audience Targeting

Astro Addressable Commercial Advertising



Channel: SPOTV, SPOTV 2, Astro GO and sooka
Date: 14 June – 14 July 2024
51 Matches LIVE
Group Stage : 35 Matches
Round of 16 : 8 Matches
Quarter Finals : 4 Matches
Semi Finals : 2 Matches
3rd Placing : 1 Match
Finals : 1 Match