Background and Context

Underpinning the increasing online content consumption trend, it induced an opportune time for brands to make offerings that will contribute to enhance consumers’ entertainment experience. In a flood of brands from diverse categories touting their offerings, it raised the need a sustainable platform for high awareness and visibility in the entertainment space.

The Challenge

Every brand was also trying to get a piece of the pie. The network provider, Unifi was yet to enjoy the level of awareness nor visibility it desires amongst the core – high value audience, families who are willing to pay RM300 and above for their home entertainment package.

Campaign Objectives

The brand wanted to increase product awareness and visibility to its core, high-value audience – families who are willing to pay RM300 and above for their home entertainment package, bundling home broadband, mobile and content altogether​.

The Strategy

Astro Addressable Advertising across Video On Demand on Astro GO, Ultra and Ulti Boxes
Audience Segment: Malay, average revenue per user (ARPU) RM120 and above

The Results

A brand lift study using online quantitative methodology by an independent research company showed that the campaign using Astro Addressable Advertising was able to persuade 6 out of 10 consumers with high ARPU of over RM300 per month, to consider subscribing to its package.

Positive shift among those who have seen the ad, versus those who haven’t seen the ad.

  • 1mil household impressions delivered to premium entertainment subscribers with a 95.1% completion rate.
  • RM300 package consideration amongst premium households improved by +28% pts overall, with over 34% pts upweights on Females and other ethnicities.
  • Package consideration improved over +30% pts across Northern, Southern and Central regions.

Actionable Insights

  • Opportunities to expand with a follow up targeting the most likely household decision makers – the Gen X and the Millennials.
  • Copy message consideration against gender for increased relevance.