From the minds of Mingguan Wanita, this brand-new women’s talk show is tailored to enrich and strengthen Malaynnial women through empowering content and heartfelt conversations.

Covering a broad spectrum of content pillar from current affairs, self-improvement to lifestyle & fashion trends, Waktu Atma Wanita* dives deep into the multifaceted lives of women. Each episode features exclusive interviews and discussions between the hosts and invited guests, driving conversations on contemporary women’s topics and challenges in an entertaining way.

[*Working Title]

How does this benefit your brand?

1. Tailored Content for Female Audiences: Each segment masterfully blends in five distinct content pillars that are carefully curated to resonate with female audiences, helping brands to effectively reach this targeted demographic.

2. Brand Integration Opportunities: Various opportunities available including segment and episodic sponsorship, complemented with cross-platform exposure on TV, Radio and Digital.

Branding Opportunities


  • Brand integration opportunities on dedicated Waktu Atma Woman sponsor segment
  • Host Mention
  • Lower Third Banner
  • TVC Inside Programme
  • Branded Promo

On Radio

  • Radio Commercials [20 sec client’s content + 10 sec WAW CTA]

On Digital

  • Facebook Posting
  • Facebook Story
  • Instagram Post (One Image/Video/Reels – Up to 60 Sec)
  • Instagram Story
  • TikTok Post
  • TIkTok Story

Channel: Astro Ria (CH. 104)
Date & Time: 18 July – 7 October 2024 | Every Thursday, 7pm
Total Episodes: 17 Episodes​
Genre: Women’s Talk Show
Pricing Category: x13