Since its launch in 2016, Genki! faced a challenge of breaking into a new market of existing competitors with established brand presence, which proved to be a difficult endeavour in gaining consumer’s trust. Therefore, Genki!’s urgent need to capture audience’s attention becomes imperative.



Deriving on a simple insight of ‘travelling with a baby is stressful for parents’, ASTRO banked on owning the idea of Genki! thriving in an outdoor setting where unpredictability and stress prevails.

With this in mind, ASTRO crafted a branded content travelogue on ASTRO Ria over 8 episodes, featuring popular local celebrities with their babies and Genki pants in tow.



The overall campaign broke new ground in Genki!’s sales growth within a matter of months!  According to Nielsen Retail Audit in March 2017, within just a month of the campaign launch, Genki! presented the fastest sales growth in the baby diaper category.