The main challenge faced by Perodua was the growing influx of competing models in the same category targeting young adults, fragmenting the market and drowning out Perodua’s marketing efforts. Instead of joining the clutter, Perodua decided to shift their focus to a new market segment – the Gen-Zs, becoming the first car brand in Malaysia to market their cars directly to 18-22 year olds.

The brand wanted to grow potential customer base, increase sales and build relevance by raising brand awareness among Gen-Zs. Astro’s growing Gen-Z content offering was something Perodua wanted to tap into.


From our audience research, Gen-Zs appreciate brands that fit their lifestyle and align with their values and identity. More than just a TV show, we saw a perfect fit with Astro’s winning IP, Big Stage, a reality entertainment show that carries an entire ecosystem connecting with Gen-Z’s at every point of interaction.

  • Using music to connect with Gen-Z’s, we took popular dance moves as reference to create a catchy song to resonate with them. Perodua’s message of ‘Smart, Stylish, Inside Out’ was weaved into the lyrics.
  • We debuted the music video with a launch gimmick introducing Perodua Axia LIVE on the Big Stage. The song was amplified across Astro’s platforms on TV, digital, YouTube and Spotify, seeding into spots where Gen-Z’s are.
  • Executed online series of KOL generated reviews, sharing their thoughts and experiences driving the Axia
  • Bite sized minisodes of contestants journey during the acoustic roadshows brought them on-ground using Perodua Axia and amplified across Astro’s networks. 


  • Perodua’s website experienced a 710% spike in website traffic while online searches for ‘Axia’ jumped by 78%!
  • Total digital views on Astro Gempak’s platform recorded 21.9million views for Big Stage while brand conversations saw 120,000 mentions from 37,000 unique authors.
  • Astro’s digital platform, Gempak Live+ saw a weekly average peak in views of 60,000 while digital views on Astro Go and VOD significantly increased by 35% from season 1 to 105,000 views.
  • On TV, the show reached 5.7million viewers with a total of 1.3million TV rating weekly.


  • Midway into the campaign, Perodua Axia was overbooked!
  • Perodua not only achieved the monthly planned volume of registration, it exceeded the benchmark set prior to the campaign on a monthly average of 79% increase from September – December 2019.