The current pandemic has accelerated the digital shift of social cultures and viewing patterns, particularly LIVE viewing experiences. 

With essentially no in-studio audiences for events, naturally we think of lesser interaction for brands. This new normal did not hinder our ability to create a huge virtual spectacle for viewers at home! How did we do it?


We know that for Budak Budak Nak Up (BBNU) and their fans, the digital playground is their normal. It’s a borderless world now, where live shows go beyond studio sets and live audiences can tune in from anywhere. So, we brought the Big Stage to into each and every Malaysian home through LIVE Virtual Interactions. 

Hosted by Malaysia’s top hosts (Alif Satar dan Sherry Alhadad), we featured 12 new contestants, three well-known Juries (Faizal Tahir, Dayang Nurfaizah dan Ajai) and the Alpha influencers as Guest Juries (Neelofa, Caprice, Michael Ang and Elly Mazlein) or better known as “President Netizens”. 

With our partners, Adabi and Kinohimitsu, we combined the power of Big Stage’s content and talent to elevate their brand engagement. 

  • Brand endorsement: This was done tastefully by Big Stage contestants, Hafiz and Amir, singing Adabi’s Kerispi song.
  • Branded countdown timers: All our primetime shows were activated to amplify reach. 
  • Special onscreen QR codes: Leading audiences to web stores, our special sponsors even had lower third banners with QR codes and website links. 
  • LIVE Promos by Big Stage hosts: Our hosts used their hands to gesture the “promo” code appearing on the screen.


  • A record-breaking in reaching 6 million TV viewers (+5.3% YOY) 
  • 16.8 million digital views  
  • 912K votes received (+53% YOY)
  • Live virtual interaction > 800 fans 
  • Our social media mentions increased to 129K (+8% YOY)
  • 98K viewed on Astro GO and VOD 
  • Top conversation topic on YouTube Malaysia for 5 weeks 
  • RM15.6 million worth of PR value
  • Online sales for both sponsors Adabi and Kinohimitsu increased during the show