In a world of innovation, Puan Ella, an entrepreneur never stopped dreaming big. When the pandemic hit, she seized the spotlight, breathing life into her workshop virtually. As the world emerged, her ambition soared to new heights.  

A game changer in redefining the furniture business landscape, Ella Furniture teamed up with Astro and Impiana (No.1 Home Reference) to produce a captivating TV series, Impiana: Makeover Ruang Selebriti.  


Astro and Nu Ideaktiv’s dynamic partnership empower SME to expand reach on TV and Digital, elevating community engagement to new heights. This was the strategy to reach the right audiences:  

  1. From Screen to Homes
  • Putting the brand in the spotlight with a TV sponsorship on Astro Ria, reaching millions!  
  • Elevated the brand visibility with seamless product integration weekly.  
  1. Engage & Explore Further
  • Malay audiences got exclusive insights from branded advertorials on Impiana’s website.  
  • Explosive 60sec testimonial capsules amplified the brand talkability to soar across digital and social media. 
  1. Celebrity Amplifier
  • Harnessed the power of celebrities as brand advocates for stronger endorsement. This includes Zulin Aziz (2.5 mil followers), Alif Satar (3.3 mil folllowers), Reen Rahim (1.2 mil folllowers), Norman Hakim (1.2 mil folllowers) and Shiha Zikir (1.2 mil followers).  



  • Close to 1 mil digital reach across Impiana’s FB and Instagram 


  • Garnered over 2.5 mil viewers  


  • A record breaking episode featuring sofa set in Alif Satar’s home – orders soared and broke a sales record within 48 hours after the show went on-air!