Carnation wanted to drive growth for its Evaporated Creamer and Condensed Milk. This is the story of how Carnation, through smart partnership with Astro’s cooking shows, paved the way to drive direct attributable sales conversions to this category during the festive season while the nation was under on-going movement restrictions.  


Capitalising on the spike of ‘cooking-at-home’ behaviour by Chinese audiences, we adopted the 3-step Shopper Journey Strategy from awareness to conversation all in ONE platform.


  • We created inspirational content with top cooking show, Maria’s Auspicious Menu 5 on TVB Jade, alongside we spun off the TV cooking show to digital by localising the format with a unique twist and housed it on MY’s FB page, MY我真的很会Cooking 3.0.
  • Hosted by Astro’s top influencers, Aki & Jack, heavy promotional campaign ran across TV, Radio & Digital platforms to drive audiences/listeners to watch the content on TV and FB.


  • Integrated CARNATION® Gourmet Made Easy recipes into the show in informative content to inspire audiences. We delivered it through a joyful, fun-filled ambience along with the hosts and TVB artistes and uplifted the feeling of togetherness and connected the audiences’ heart.
  • Elevated the engagement with Contest Giveaways on TVB Jade Power Facebook Page and gamified the cooking show with hidden clues to drive interactions with audiences.
  • Leveraged on MY我真的很会Cooking 3.0 with announcers Aki & Jack who become inspired to cook after watching Maria’s Auspicious Menu 5 to engage the younger Chinese market across digital and social media platforms.


  • We turned the digital videos into the first-ever Shoppable Cooking Show with a series of easy-to-make CNY dishes videos featuring Aki & Jack.
  • On the dedicated promo page MY x Carnation我真的很会Cooking 3.0, we focused on client’s shopping cart and the Carnation web store page by allowing viewers to instantly buy the ingredients of the recipe being prepared on videos.
  • We capitalised on the Impulse Shopping Behaviour in eCommerce world to complete the consumer journey from awareness to conversion in ONE platform.


  • Garnered 481K TV viewers
  • Recorded > 1.3 mil reach garnered from FB and IG
  • > 845K digital video views
  • Contest Giveaways – Created strong interactions with >2K audiences