As one of the major telco providers in the country, Digi signed a 20-year agreement in March 2021 to jointly develop and share fibre infrastructure with other major telcos to increase the capacity of their network. In light of this agreement, it created stronger competition with almost every telco provider, rushing to target mobile and internet users between 18-29 years to push their own promotion, creating a price war.

So, we took a step back to re-strategise and came up with a plan to make Digi stand out to consumers. Without disregarding the more affluent Malay consumers, predominantly aged 30+, we decided to target this group which makes up 55.4% of internet users in the country with the highest purchasing power.

Our strategy was to leverage a content IP that’s popular among this audience in an offline platform that’s uninterrupted and less cluttered to maximise brand exposure and awareness. We looked at 2 key objectives, 1) Build awareness of Digi as the no.1 telco provider with the highest speed internet in the country 2) Increase campaign reach and engagement.


The idea: Create a bespoke spin off digital content surrounding a popular local content IP to deliver Digi’s message and drive them online to effectively influence their purchase decision. We identified one of Astro’s highly successful IPs – musical entertainment show Gegar Vaganza, in its 8th year running as the content vehicle to deliver Digi’s brand message to audiences. 

The audience profile is made up of the very same group we are looking to convert, predominantly aged 30 years and above, with 87% of them being mobile users. The IP’s brand DNA complements Digi’s core message of ‘The Truest (Betul-Betul) Revolution of Speed, Connectivity and Value’ in line with contestants’ pursuit to the next level of stardom.

Malaysia’s no.1 Malay entertainment digital platform with 32.3 million unique visitors, Astro Gempak, was chosen as the digital anchor. We created a dedicated campaign microsite to host the Gegar Vaganza x Digi campaign, housing digital first exclusive content to connect and engage with consumers. 

We executed the campaign in stages by highlighting specific brand promises and messaging at every point of interaction within the content: 

Behind the Scenes of The ‘Truly Real’ (Betul-Betul) Diary Capsules

  • 5 bite-sized contestant’s diary capsules were broadcast on TV simultaneously supplemented behind the scenes exclusive footage on Gempak’s microsite to showcase the contestants journey in developing their social media presence. 
  • Contestants were coached by Millennial influencers to up their social media game using Digi’s Betul-Betul Prepaid Plan by their side.

From posting live updates, posing for photos in #OOTD, to connecting and replying to fans’ comments online via Instagram Live and Reels, each video created included Digi’s proposition to demonstrate the following: 

  • High Speed Internet for video viewing 
  • High Definition for gaming needs 
  • Unlimited social media interaction with fans
  • Uninterrupted internet usage, portrayed by usage of video calls 
  • Unlimited 30-days fast internet with no limits

The ‘Truly Lively’ Challenge (Betul-Betul Rancak) 

  • Every week, contestants were tested on their ability to keep up with the online trends in various social media challenges. 
  • Some of the challenges include TikTok dances, lip sync or transition done by contestants that’s featured on Gempak’s Instagram and Facebook accounts and even contestant’s own social media to amplify reach and engagement. 
  • Each trend challenge encouraged interaction with fans online which boosted support for contestants, while also highlighting Digi’s high speed internet proposition. 

The ‘Truly Outstanding’ Awards (Anugerah Betul-Betul Luar Biasa) 

  • Fans were encouraged to vote for their favourite Truly (Betul-Betul) Outstanding Performer of the week through online web voting on Gempak microsite. 
  • During the prize presentation for the Anugerah Betul Betul Pantas, we developed special QR Codes that pop up on the TV screen to redirect home audiences to go online, leading them to Digi’s website to get their own Digi Internet Sim Cards online. 
  • The QR codes featured exclusive discounts and special promotions to encourage consumers to consider purchasing Digi’s prepaid and internet plans. 

Branded Live Updates & Weekly Highlights 

  • We shared the Live show excitement through live social media updates with Digi’s branded skin to emphasise the ‘Truly High Speed Internet’ (Betul-Betul Internet Pantas) message.
  • We shared 3 postings per week leading up to the Grand Finals using Digi’s branded template frame and lower third banners and shared across Gempak’s Facebook and Instagram pages. 


Not only that, as Gegar Vaganza was one of the main campaigns that Digi was running during this period, it also helped boost Digi’s brand health score post campaign in Q1’22, as compared to Q4’21, as seen through: 

  • Top of Mind: Increased by 12%
  • Brand Preference: Increased by 16%
  • Brand Consideration: Increased by 5%

The campaign hosted on the Gempak x Digi Gegar Vaganza microsite achieved impressive reach, views and engagement, compared to previous campaigns on the same platform: 

  • Highest video views at 2.1 million video views
  • Highest reach at 1.9 million 
  • Clocked over 174,000 pageviews during campaign period 

Digital bespoke content created surrounding the Gegar Vaganza’s IP also recorded impressive results: 

  • Achieved 1,660,434 views for Branded Digi Live Updates & Weekly Highlight snippets featuring the best performance of the week. 
  • Recorded 487,128 views for the Betul-Betul Rancak Challenge on Gempak social media accounts 
  • Reached 430,745 people for the online web voting for Anugerah Betul Betul Luar Biasa Performer of the Week.