In the vibrant world of modern women, both career professionals and homemakers value their self-appearance, inside and out. Our campaign sheds light on the transformative journey of women embracing the hijab, where they often encounter diverse societal perceptions and internal uncertainties while striving to remain true to themselves.

Some of the common perceptions and challenges that Muslim women faced throughout their hijab-wearing journey include:

  • The fear of hindering an active lifestyle due to the inhibition of cherished activities like sports, swimming and more.
  • Limited fashion choices and self-doubt regarding one’s beauty.
  • Worries about societal judgements in the workplace.
  • Hair care complexities, such as sweating, dandruff, itchiness, oily scalp, and general discomfort.

These apprehensions can lead to a struggle in remaining true to oneself, as societal expectations of ‘perfection’ while wearing the hijab can significantly impact their self-confidence and hinder the pursuit of dreams and aspirations.


To inspire these women to embrace their authenticity and wear the hijab confidently, Dove Malaysia partnered with Astro to empower these women with the right tools for self-care, by introducing them to Dove Micellar Fresh Nourishment Shampoo – a shampoo designed for hijabis.

Through 3 communication phases, we introduced Dove Micellar Fresh’s brand values.

Phase 1: Unleashing self-expression

Turning perceived barriers into a symbol of empowerment, we kickstarted the campaign with a series of branded content with young Hijabis. From numerous interviews, we found our focal point in the stories of the cousin sisters – Fatemah and Shikin. In the video series, they unveiled real emotions with their personal hijab experience and real-life struggles that resonate with other hijab-wearing individuals.

The branded videos were then shared across social platforms of radio and digital sites to generate interest and spark conversations.

Phase 2: Inspiring confidence

We developed branded advertorials on our Malay platforms such as Gempak and Mingguan Wanita that offers guidance and reassurance to women embarking on their own hijab-wearing journey.

Phase 3: Conquering together

With our celebrity guest – Nana Mahazan – advocating as a positive role model, we delivered empowering stories that stemmed from her own challenges and hijab transformation journey.

She made an appearance in our no. 1 Malay talkshow, MeleTOP and in an interview video with Hijabista. Her stories were further amplified across social channels of MeleTOP, Hijabista, Nona and Mingguan Wanita.

By showcasing the transformative journey, addressing challenges and providing support, we strive to build a more inclusive and empowering environment for all women, regardless of their choice to wear the hijab.


  • Our campaign reached an impressive audience of 3.7 million Malaysians, effectively spreading our message far and wide.
  • We generated a staggering 6 million impressions, ensuring that our campaign had a strong presence and captured the attention of our target audience.
  • The engagement rate of our campaign was an outstanding 4.07%, surpassing the industry average of 1.5%.
  • Our videos garnered an impressive 920,000 views, showcasing the appeal and impact of our visual storytelling.