Herbal Essences, the first ever Natural hair care brand worldwide was once an unknown brand. In 2018, the success of the Little Joys campaign with Astro saw the brand exceeding benchmarks by 50% in the Malaynials category. 

This resulted in a surge of brands encroaching into the natural space claiming to be fully natural products. The challenge was to reinforce the messaging that Herbal Essences was the most natural and legit brand in the market. Efforts refocused on being the only Malaysian brand with real botanicals in its products to be endorsed by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London – a world leader in plant science. 


Astro’s Thinker Studios was once again chosen as the most authentic platform that had earned the trust of Malaynials. #NaturallyLegit campaign was born as a strategic move to resonate with Millennials across segments, mainly Urban and Malays.

  • Created online episodes to create awareness on what #NaturallyLegit means to Millennials: Thinker Studios members were challenged to share their ways of being naturally authentic. Thinker Studios KOLs who are beauty enthusiasts, also shared DIY hair masks using the same natural ingredients from Herbal Essences to demonstrate the botanical goodness for your hair.  
  • User generated content – an immersive experience: Audiences were invited to produce videos creating their own DIY hair masks with Herbal Essences natural ingredients and show their hair results.
  • Trip to Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew London: A fan was handpicked to join Thinker Studios to learn about botanical science behind Herbal Essences formulation. The experience was documented through a special episode, shared across Astro’s TV, digital and social media.
  • Podcast session: We hosted a podcast with KOLs who shared their learnings from the visit. 


Market position

  • Herbal Essences became the fastest growing Hair care brand
  • Sales grew at 168% vs last year during a period when the hair care category is stagnant. 
  • In the Drug Pharmacy channel, Herbal Essences sales doubled by 217% vs last year while the overall hair care category is only at 120%. 
  • As of Dec’19, Herbal Essences became the #2 player despite starting off as one of the smallest brands in the market. 

Brand awareness

  • Brand Health Tracking: Herbal Essences now held strongest equity as the brand with natural ingredients nationally 
  • Digital views: All episodes reached 1,030,814
  • Increase in Consideration: From 35% to 47%
  • Unaided Brand Awareness: 2X increase from 4% to 9% post campaign