Astro’s No. 1 On-Demand show of all time, Projek: High Council, took the social media by storm in 2023, amassing over 1 billion views on TikTok [Source].

With its fresh narrative highlighting the realities of boarding school students and the outstanding performance delivered by the young actors Mierul Aiman, Amir Ahnaf, Nadhir Nasar and more, the local series successfully garnered a massive following, especially among Gen Zs [Source].

We’re expanding the well-loved Projek anthology and bringing it to the silver screen with Kahar: Kapla High Council. The upcoming movie will be focusing on the much-celebrated Kapla, the leader of High Council, played by Amir Ahnaf.

The Synopsis:

Set in 2005, socially invisible Kahar risks tainting his family’s KUDRAT legacy when he volunteers for the Pilihanraya in order to protect his best friend. In this opportunity to rebrand himself, we witness the transformation of Kahar, from what begins as a noble act steers Kahar into the path of malevolence and tyranny.

How does this benefit your brand?

1. Popular IP with strong audience base: With a strong reach of 97mil across social platforms, Projek: High Council became the biggest Malaysian phenomenon in 2023, attracting a strong fanbase for brands to tap on to boost reach and visibility. 

2. Infuse TVC with cinematic magic: Leveraging on the movie scenes and fresh shots with box-office casts, brands can ride on the wave of this upcoming movie to produce creative and compelling TVC*, aligning brands’ USP association with the movie without a hefty price tag.

*Terms & Conditions:

i. TVC must use character names only

ii. TVC must display CTA – In Cinemas “Month, Year”

iii. TVC must have official masthead of the movie

iv. Other terms & conditions apply.

Branding Opportunities

  • TV

  • Digital

  • On-Ground

Movie Release Date: November 2024
Duration: 110 minutes
Director: Razaisyam Rashid (Pusaka, Projek: Anchor SPM, I.D)