Credit: Universal McCann, Naga DDB and Reprise Digital

The objective is to increase demand and gain market share in the burger segment for KFC Malaysia. However, KFC’s burger menu has lot resonance with the local grassroots to its friendly competitor. The challenge was to reinvigorate interest in KFC’s burger offerings, make a strong impact in the burger segment, and position KFC as a top contender.


In collaboration with our top 3 Malay radios, SINAR, ERA and GEGAR, we retrofied the radio stations to strike a nostalgic chord with Malays looking for an innovative burger meal. Over 10 days, the iconic classic tune “Kwek Mambo” played on the radio, we interweaved the burger’s key selling points into curated sweepers, announcer talk sets and on-ground contests! People were celebrating P. Ramlee by singing their favourite song which drove high reach and frequency.

Exclusive Old Skool Event

Going on ground with SINAR, our classic radio station, we hosted a “Sekali Rasa Bergetar Jiwa” contest for diehard fans of KFC and P Ramlee for a chance to attend the exclusive closed door launch of the burger at KFC Bukit Raja Klang, bestknown as the KFC “Retro” store.

The event was broadcast live by SINAR and amplified further on social media to drive buzz for the campaign. An afternoon of music, food and quizzes with full COVID protocol compliances left the lucky listeners with smiles as they got their first taste of the new burger.

Drive Thru Giveaways

We continued with a drive thru activation on site inviting anyone within the vicinity to sing a line from Kwek Mambo to win Burger P. Ramlee giveaways. The high energy event with SINAR’s announcers brought a crowd of Malaysians through the drive-in to feed the enthusiastic fans.


  • An increase of +1.8pp in Consideration funnel, KFC surpassed McDonald’s after trailing for 14 weeks (20 Jul to 29 Oct)!
  • The limited time offer definitely moved the needle much more for Purchase Intent as we saw an uplift of +3.6pp vs 2 weeks prior to launch.
  • KFC’s Burger P.Ramlee received overwhelmingly positive feedback as echoed by the +2.9pp increase in Buzz Score.
  • Brand Share +3% vs the last quarter.
  • A 21% increase in transaction growth vs. same period last year (Source: KFC internal Data)

Video credit: Universal McCann