The Ramadan and Raya period is considered to be one of the best periods of the year where F&B brands in Malaysia could potentially grab a chunk of share by winning over a captive market. However, it’s also when F&B brands face the most competition.

Amidst the clutter of beverage advertising frenzy during the Ramadan period, Pepsi wanted to find an ingenious way to cut through the noise, actively engaging consumers and enhancing brand awareness.

The challenge for Astro Radio was to interact with these consumers during a period which can sometimes be difficult for a beverage brand to break into especially during the fasting season keeping in mind religious sensitivities.



We unravelled an interesting insight about radio listeners – typically they are passive listeners. Mobile phones have dominated their attention as they seek entertainment there while radio just plays music in the background.

Astro Radio designed the ‘Pepsi Beraya Sakan’ campaign making the Balik Kampung journey and being stuck in traffic a great opportunity to win Duit Raya. Astro wanted to engage the passive radio listeners by using the power of Radio + Digital to turn them into active listeners.

  • Played Raya messages and songs
    • Astro radio utilized its top channels: ERA (no. 1 Malay radio), SINAR (no. 2 radio), SYOK (1,247,511 average monthly unique web visitors).
    • Astro radio played Raya messages and songs during the 5 days leading up to Raya, 4 times at hourly intervals with call to action contest giving away RM 100 in Duit Raya.
  • Customized Pepsi online quiz
    • Astro radio also created a customized Pepsi online quiz which was published on their Syok platforms, where participants answered 1,000 trivia questions within 15 minutes to win RM 10,000 in Duit Raya.
    • This digital execution was further amplified by popular English stations MIX and HITZ.
  • High frequency ads
    • High frequency ads were deployed on Astro’s radio and digital platforms to complement Pepsi’s own point-of-sale to ensure Pepsi stayed top of mind during this busy period.




  • An estimated 5,816,000 listeners heard the campaign with an average of 7 times during the campaign period (27 May 2019 – 4 June 2019).
  • For the digital execution, in just 5 days, we received 25,200 entries.


  • Overall participating brands (multiserve) had an increase of 20% in modern trade sales
  • Overall participating brands (multiserve) had an increase of 17% in traditional trade sales
  • Pepsi (multiserve) had an increase of 51% in modern trade sales
  • Pepsi (multiserve) had an increase of 31% in traditional trade sales