Herbal Essences is Malaysia’s fastest growing hair care brand leading the nation’s natural segment growth and becoming the no. 2 brand in the DrugPharma channel. However, recent emergences of new brands claiming to be ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ have saturated the hair care market and made identifying truly natural brands an overwhelming and confusing challenge for consumers.

The goal was to explode the growth of Herbal Essences by standing out as the most authentic natural brand in the market, winning over the hearts and minds of our consumers.

We chose Astro Gempak, the no. 1 entertainment platform for Millennials as the campaign vehicle with its young and relatable brand imagery. Astro aimed to humanize the consumers’ dilemma into a relevant content that encouraged them to stay authentic to themselves, parallel to the brand’s authentic natural ingredients.


40% of Millennials have been found to be unintentional buyers who are aware of product benefits but use shortcuts to identify what is natural. By resolving Millennials’ Dilemma through Bunga’s Secret Garden, we reframed consumers’ life experiences into an entertaining and relatable 2-part Gempak original web drama series.

Turned consumers’ dilemma into a story:

  • Drove ‘authentically true’ brand message via the character of Bunga, the ideal Millennial consumer who validates claims before making product or life decisions.
  • Drew parallels between consumers’ dilemma in identifying truly authentic products via her 2 suitors who were ‘aesthetically good’ and ‘authentically true to himself’ respectively.

Weaved in brand’s mantra and emotional/functional benefits:

  • Sensorial experience through Herbal Essences’ scent as part of Bunga’s identity.
  • Inspirational moments of Bunga’s showering using Herbal Essences’ as escapism and her little joy.
  • The brand’s #NaturallyLegit mantra used by Bunga, a reminder to be authentically true to herself and any products she chooses.


  • Premiered both episodes on no. 1 Millennial entertainment platform Gempak
  • Shared bite sized content, teaser trailers and promos across Astro’s digital assets and social media platforms


  • Built anticipation and interest through Astro MeleTOP’s audience, KOLs and Bunga’s Secret Garden’s cast
  • Aired webisodes on Astro Ria and Astro Prima to broaden audience reach


We positioned Herbal Essences’ as the antidote to the Millennial dilemma thanks to the emotional investment and relevance audiences felt with the drama series and its main characters, mainly Bunga.

Market position

  • 133% share growth for P3M vs same period YA
  • 125% purchase consideration increase vs same period YA

The massive consumer interest exclusively driven by this integrated campaign on Astro has translated into a significant sales growth ever recorded (Jan – Mar 2021 versus same period YA)

Brand awareness

  • 7 mil social platform views for Bunga’s Secret Garden episodes
  • 81% (1.9 mil) TV reach amongst Malay females aged 20-49
  • 70% time spent recorded for 15-min show on Astro Ria
  • Over 5.6 mil social media impressions