Malaysia’s sex education landscape has longed be shrouded in silence and stigma, but our groundbreaking, sex education digital content is here to change this narrative!

Designed for Malaysians, Right2Sex explores bold and daring topics, touching upon sexual health awareness and sexual intimacy among fellow Malaysians. There will be research and surveys conduct anonymously to gather local insights and data on interesting sex topics, leading Malaysians on the right path to sex.

How does Right2Sex benefit your brand?

1. GAIN VISIBILITY alongside expert advice, insightful discussions, and stories that redefine intimacy and well-being. Align your brand with progressive values and educate viewers on crucial aspects of relationships, health, and pleasure.

2. CONNECT your brand with a discerning audience eager for knowledge, as Right2Sex has already captured a total of 1.2M views across digital platforms (Data Source: YouTube Studio, Meta Business Suite & TikTok Business Suite, April 2024).

3. DIGITAL ACTIVATION OPPORTUNITY to engage viewers with sampling giveaways or product recommendations via questionnaires, reinforcing your brand’s presence.

 Branding Opportunities on Digital: 

  • Facebook Video Post
  • Instagram Video Post
  • TikTok Video Post
  • Product Placement + Interaction + Mention
  • Branded Logo Bug
  • Branded QR Display
  • Branded Article
  • Facebook Post
  • Pre-Roll Video
  • Floating Widget
  • Interactive Banner Ad
  • Sponsorship Page

Platform: XUAN
Date: December 2024 – January 2025 
Total Episodes: 6 episodes