The female hair removal market faces stiff competition, making it tough for Venus to get ahead of the category with a dominant market share. To gain leadership share, Venus needed to reach out to Millennial ‘beauty mavens’ predominantly Malay females who are bombarded by millions of beauty brands competing for their love and loyalty. Venus was no longer just up against other shaving brands, but everything skin care related. The challenge for Venus was that these ‘beauty mavens’ still believe in shaving myths and taboos and prefer waxes and creams over shaving. For Venus to convince them otherwise, the brand needed to win over their undivided attention and form a deeper connection.



The major success of the first installment of Sehalus Venus spurred Venus to continue the exclusive partnership with Astro once again with Sehalus Venus 2.0. Astro undertook 100% of the planning and strategizing process from creative development, media planning to campaign execution, exclusively on all ASTRO platforms. The second phase of ‘Sehalus Venus’ campaign was conceptualised as a strategic move to resonate with female audiences bringing the ‘smoothness’ message to the next level.

Our ‘Social Listening Analysis’ revealed female audience’s growing fascination with ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) content online and the close tribe-like community among them. This auditory-sensory phenomenon is meant to provoke an aural and visual stimuli that enhances brain relaxation.

‘Sound of Smoothness’ Digital Content

  • We creatively applied ASMR into 3 versions of ‘groundbreaking’ digital content to establish the superior smoothness of the Venus shaving experience by engaging them with a viral-worthy content and distributed them across Astro’s digital platforms and social media.

Launched Venus Sensitive TVC

  • We launched a new version of Venus TVC – ‘Venus Sensitive’ featuring national gymnast, Farah Ann, playing the ‘big sister’ role Introducing Venus as an important daily skincare routine for women with sensitive skin.
  • We adopted an optimisation strategy on TV, for better reach and exposure and amplified by digital content and influencers marketing.

Digitorials & Reviews

  • Digitorial series shared shaving tips and skin care advice for sensitive skin
  • Extended the reach Chinese Youth market, Astro Xuan’s Jio Ni Oh and amplified across Astro’s entertainment, beauty and lifestyle sites.

Talk Show

  • Utilized popular IP, Mingguan Wanita on Astro Prima to introduce ‘Venus Sensitive’ during a Live segment on TV, discussing shaving myths and taboos amongst Malay women.



Market Position

  • Venus dethroned competitors to dominate as leader of the category
  • Dominant market share of 50%,
  • With YoY sales growth exceeded 35%

Brand Awareness

The campaign gained tremendous traction by female audiences across all segments.

  • 1,525,996 impressions
  • 6,203,776 reach
  • 2,593,929 video views
  • 308,863 engagement across all Astro’s digital and social media platforms