Technology has rapidly changed the media landscape, enabling digital companies to harness the power of data, targeting and measuring audiences with unprecedented accuracy.

This led to a vast change in expectations for audiences and marketers. With on-demand viewing on the rise, data focused marketers are using digital advertising to target the right audience and personalise their message. TV advertising, while known to offer leadership stature and scale of attention in a brand safe environment, faced stiff competition for ADEX share from the data rich digital ecosystem.

So, what if we could combine the best of both worlds?

Introducing Astro’s Addressable Advertising, which leverages TV’s persuasive power with digital targeting and measurement capabilities targeting specific households with personalised ads that resonate with audiences.

Leveraging precision data to improve campaign measurement through a platform-agnostic strategy, reaching audiences across ecosystems – Linear TV, OTT (Over-The-Top), Audio and Out-of-Home (OOH), setting a new benchmark for an audience-centric multi platform solution.

Creativity and Innovation

We’ve implemented these innovations:

  • Precision Targeting using first party data to create multiple audience segments at scale beyond demographic including geographic, income, purchase behaviour and interests.
  • Behavior Tracking via Audience Data Expansion – Tapping into time-shifted audiences across platforms.
  • Unified Measurements of subscribers’ first-party data across Linear TV & OTT.
  • Cost-Effective Pricing via Cost Per Impression (CPM), allowing marketers to pay for ads that are viewed.
  • Data Targeting Expansion in initial stages – audio stream ads targeted via web and app, plus OOH through 7,000+ commercial establishments nationwide.

Marketers can access quality, premium audiences, anytime, anywhere. Smaller brands could leverage TV inventory at a lower entry point. Viewers enjoy higher relevance and personalisation in a brand safe environment. TV-Taboo brands like alcohol can target specific audiences on TV via VOD streams.


  • Over 50 advertisers and more than 50+ campaigns across industries – Travel, E-Commerce, Telco, Finance, Home Appliances. 
  • Brand Lift Impact:  Brand consideration achieved +18% pts average & ad recall, +50%.
  • Addressable Advertising provides Incremental Reach by +6% pts to +15% pts averagely on top of traditional TV reach. 
  • Measurement Impact: Astro, the only Malaysian media company to provide certified accountability via unified reach (TV + OTT).