Background and Context

Communication service providers are competing with one another to build-out and deploy commercial 5G networks. This brand wanted to position itself as the leading brand for more Malaysians by celebrating the diverse networks that make up the nation; from families to businesses, seniors to the young gamers. Whether at home, at work, or on-the-go, be it for leisure, business or studies – they will be all-ways connected with the most reliable internet experience with zero downtime and always ahead as one.

The Challenge

In preparation for 5G, all telcos in the nation are competing for high brand perception and value amongst Malaysians with the aim of becoming the most reliable network with fastest speed and widest coverage.

Campaign Objectives

To reinforce its position as the leading brand for Malaysians, providing the most reliable, all-ways connected, fastest network services – always ahead as one.

The Strategy

Astro Addressable Advertising across Video On Demand on Astro GO, Ultra and Ulti Boxes.

Audience Segment: Mass

The Results

A brand lift study using an online quantitative methodology by an independent research company showed that the campaign has a positive shift in brand perception amongst those who have seen the ad vs not.

  • 322K household impressions delivered with 92% completion rate.
  • Brand perception and imagery values improved across the board by +17% pts as a reliable brand for all Malaysians.
  • Overall brand perception improved +30% pts on offering all-ways connected network & solutions.
  • Overall brand perception improved +25% pts on being more than just mobile network services.
  • Brand perception improved +21% pts on being the fastest network services.

Actionable Insights

  • Leverage on the improved brand receptivity to drive consumer’s intent on product related initiatives.