Background and Context

In the onset of the pandemic, online services have skyrocketed in adoption and has become a norm for Malaysians working from home. With the changing consumer behaviour, it was opportune for brands to drive more awareness of their services and increase brand visibility.

The Challenge

With the evolving user base and extension of product categories for online purchases beyond food delivery, the marketplace is getting more competitive and challenging. It was at this juncture that one of the key online delivery brands, Foodpanda recognised the long-term sustainable growth could be unlocked to evolving customer experience expectations.

Campaign Objectives

The brand aimed to drive more awareness of their grocery shopping services, increase overall brand visibility and consideration.


The Strategy

Astro Addressable Advertising across Video On Demand on Astro GO, Ultra and Ulti Boxes
Audience Segment: Millennials and Gen X


The Results

A brand lift study using online quantitative methodology by an independent research company showed that pandamart has the strongest brand funnel with the highest awareness and usership as compared to competitive brands, its conversion ratio recorded high at 67%, indicating potential upside if awareness increases.

  • 273K household impressions delivered with a 93% completion rate.
  • Overall brand consideration had a positive shift amongst those who have seen the ad vs not seen including: –
    • Strong upweights amongst Males & Chinese, overall improved by +25% pts.
    • Drilling down into Males, there was an improvement of brand consideration by +40%, indicating more convenience cravings.
    • Whilst for Chinese, this was marked by an improvement of +38% pts, expanding the portfolio beyond core Malays.
    • Within the core age groups of 18-34 years old, there was an improvement of over +33% pts.
    • Lastly, the campaign marked an over +33% pts improvement in Northern, Southern & East Coast.

Actionable Insights

  • Focus targeting on Chinese to expand audience portfolio beyond the core Malay.
  • Strengthen awareness funnel to capitalise on strong adoption rate.