APPIES Malaysia 2021 l MERIT Winner 


WonderLab was initially formed as part of CUCKOO International’s ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ pillar which marketed two Korean skincare brands Haruharu and WELL NATURE. However, due to market saturation, the brand rebranded in 2019 and pivoted their business strategy to address a gap in the beauty industry by coming up with a product formulated to suit Malaysian womens’ skin needs under a new local brand – WonderDewi.

At the start of the pandemic, we needed to wait and re-strategise to understand consumer’s needs before pivoting the online business to maximise sales and capitalised on consumers’ behavior of stocking up during the pandemic with the introduction of Malaysia’s 1st mask subscription plan – WonderDewi GOOODPlan. Not everyone was willing to pay for a subscription mask however, so we needed to build a high degree of trust to create demand and convince adoption.


Our big idea was the Unmasking Goddesses with the key message of ‘A Mask a Day, A Goddess Today’. Using this narrative, we developed the concept into a creative visual content across Astro’s platforms from on-air to online using a 2-prong approach designed to educate and build awareness for each of their stakeholders in order to achieve the campaign objective.

  • Consumers: Our message was to normalize mask wearing habits by educating them that it’s good for their skin and encouraging daily masking as a me-time moment. We justified the cost of subscription by highlighting the price of daily masks as low as RM4.00 per piece which is 30% lower than the average market price.
  • Agents: We produced content to help the brand build awareness and credibility to boost agent sign ups to supplement their income during the pandemic. The content allowed the agents’ to conduct demonstrations to their prospective customers without ever having to leave their homes.

Establishing ‘WonderDewi’ Goddesses

  • WonderDewi’s commercial was created with a catchy and memorable jingle for consumers to familiarize themselves with the brand.
  • Winners of Astro’s flagship pageants, Dewi Remaja and Miss Astro Chinese International were chosen as the face of WonderDewi for a recognisable representation of a ‘goddess’.
  • 100 beauty influencers were chosen to try out the 7 day mask combo where they shared how their skin improved after using WonderDewi and what they loved about the product.
  • These sharings were picked up by digital publishers and amplified on Astro platforms via advertorials to further amplify the effectiveness of WonderDewi masks with call to action that led readers to the WonderDewi website for purchase info.

Normalising Daily Mask Wearing

  • We leveraged on Astro’s high-rated content to popularize and normalize the usage of facial masks with content was created on Xuan, a channel targeting the Chinese market while hLive! targeted the Malay market with respective hosts demonstrating the usage of masking at their own leisure and sharing how to achieve beautiful skin without having to go for facial spa treatment.
  • A special segment on Gempak TV was created for celebrity guests to relax with a WonderDewi mask on while they answer burning questions from the host.
  • While on MeleTOP, Astro’s highest rated entertainment talk show, a drama parody using WonderDewi was created to inject humor and education in the content piece.
  • Collaborated with Thinker Studios, Astro’s number 1 entertainment channel where the crew get to relax and put-on WonderDewi masks and then are assigned to interpret the refreshing feeling in a design which was turned into an exclusive merchandise for fans to win prizes.
  • Product demos were also done on other Astro Digital Platforms via MY, Melody and Era by radio announcers to share product information and answer questions posted by fans during LIVE FB sessions.

WonderLab Agent Recruitment Drive

  • To strengthen the distribution channel for products via Wonderlab Agents, Astro Radio created interview sessions with Wonder Stars on Sinar and Melody to target potential agents, those who want additional income during this unprecedented time.
  • Using these platforms, WonderLab announced its own recruitment programme – Wonder(ful) Project, inviting people to join as Wonder Stars (WonderLab’s sales agent) during a time when unemployment was at an all time high.
  • In the effort to ensure consumers and potential agents of Wonderlab’s credibility, interviews with representatives of the brand were done on Astro AWANI and Astro AEC’s Prime Talk shows to share about their products and business plans.



  • Signed up 3,000 subscribers with value recorded over RM1.3 million. 
  • Sold over 500,000 sheet masks, with 1 mask being sold every 12 seconds. 
  • Achieved business targets earlier than expected hitting over RM11 million revenue.

Recruiting New WonderLab Agents 

  • 1,700+ new agent sign ups within a short span of 7 months compared to 30+ existing agents accumulated since its establishment. 

Brand Awareness 

  • Significant growth in social media following by end of 2020, doubling to 10,000 followers.