Last May, the government initiated Jaringan Prihatin Programme, a financial subsidy for telco providers to support the B40 groups with broadband internet data to stay connected under the new norm. This subsidy presented an opportunity for YES to gain market share and drive more subscriptions through new user acquisition, at the same time, there were also challenges.

With 11 other participating telco providers competing for the same audience, this levelled the playing field with similar offerings. Making it even more difficult for YES to stand out as it was not registered as a top brand in the minds of consumers.


Brand purpose plays an important role in the campaign and in aligning with the importance of being a force of change for Malaysians, together with YES, Astro devised a three prong plan to close the digital divide amongst the B40 community: –

  • Increase engagement and subscription
  • Use peer support to empower the community
  • Share inspirational stories on how YES data plan can help support and thrive in the new normal

The heart of the message focused on the benefits of the internet and by doing so, we shared inspirational stories of individuals that have successfully elevated themselves from B40. We streamed authentic life stories to drive adoption – awareness, familiarity, and consideration.

  • Drive awareness via unscripted video capsules, podcasts and branded advertorials: Partnered with Thinker Studios – an authentic and relatable Millennial platform for a series to highlight the importance of data accessibility in changing lives. This was then repurposed into podcasts and branded advertorials to drive the message home.
  • Engaging inspiring story tellers with ‘Zero to Hero’ story: Leading host and entertainer, Nabil Ahmad shared his life story, “Zero to Hero” on MeleTOP. His inspiring and relatable experiences as coming from a low income family aimed to show anyone can thrive with digital adoption.
  • Extension on TV to drive national awareness: The benefits of free data were shared on Malaysia’s most trusted news platform, followed by content on Astro Ceria to highlight access to educational content on FrogAsia via the Learn from Home Initiative.
  • Brand message amplification on radio: Increase talkability by converting stories into soundbytes with high frequency considerations on ERA, GEGAR, RAAGA and SINAR.


  • 700k sign ups after campaign
  • Achieved 70% (2.6mil) TV reach amongst Malay households
  • Video capsules garnered > 3.2% audience engagement across Astro online sites (benchmark 0.08%)
  • Generated impressive PR buzz and media coverage

The campaign successfully uplifted the B40 community with inspiring content giving hope and opportunities to drive empowerment and digital adoption with YES.